Beginner Typing Lesson 6

Introducing Punctuation
,   .   ;   ?   -  (    )  {  }  [  ]  "  !
Hi, I am a new Business Apps teacher (middle school) and I actually teach typing to my 6th graders. I got a new student today so I did a Google search and found your site right away. I started her out at your site and I have to sing your praises. It is awesome and the new student will be able to catch up with the class in no time. I'm surprised that there is no way to donate money to keep this free site going. This site will be critical to the success of my students. Thank you! 
P u n c t u a t i o n - check the chart below for the correct finger position.

The comma is next to M and the fullstop to its right. Use the same fingers as you do for K & L.

To type a capital letter as you have done before, or a special character such as brackets (  ) or hypen -

do the following ...

Hold the Right Shift Key for a Left Hand letter or character

Hold the Left Shift Key for a Right Hand letter or character.
More Sentence Exercises
Type the sentences below to practise your punctuation.
Tab and Caps Lock Practice
As the lessons progress you will become more expert at all kinds of punctuation.  As you already know, the way to improve is practise, pracrtise, practise. 
Sentences with Brackets
Type the sentences below to practise your punctuation.
You have completed Lesson 6

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