Beginner Typing Lesson 2b

Introducing Letters:
W  S   L  O  Y 
"I have an average typing speed, but I used to type looking at the keyboard. But ever since I have been following your tutorials, I have improved a lot. And my typing speed too, has increased!  Thank you so much for your guidelines!"
With the addition of these five new letters, you're really going to go places.
W and S on the LEFT hand.  Y, L and O on the RIGHT hand.
Heres's some of the longest words you can now make with the letters you'll be typing from the chart above:

Flourished, Righteously, Worthiest, Fortitude and Yourself.... plus a heap of common every day words like:

yes, right, like, trust, give, follow, look, rest, joke, high, just, food. 
Exercises - 1
Left Hand Drills - focus letters S and W
Use your LEFT HAND (ring) FINGER No. 3 for W and S
Exercises -  2
Right Hand Drills - focus letters Y, L and O
Use your RIGHT HAND FINGER No. 3 for the letters L and O.

​Use your RIGHT HAND INDEX FINGER No. 1 for Y (stretch the H finger to Y).
Exercises - 3
Exercises - 4
Exercises - 5
Exercises - 6
Try These Fun Phrases
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