Advanced Typing Lesson 2

Mastering Left & Right
Shift Keys
Found this typing tutor a while back. I was typing but, not as good or fast as I use to a few years ago. That's when I realized I had to freshen up on my typing. This typing tutor has help me more than any other typing tutor I have ever used. It has everything that I have ever wanted to teach me how to be good at typing. It's simple, very understanding and I love the layout and the way it's organized. I love this typing tutor so much I keep coming back from time to time typing in advanced skills and learning the short cuts. I can't say enough about this typing tutor. It's the best.
More practice with Tabs and Capitals and Shift Key.  Type these New Zealand place names.
Right Hand Shift Key
Left Hand Shift Key
More practice with Tabs and Capitals.  Type these locations from Dunedin City, New Zealand.
Dunedin is the home city of Doreen Holding - the creator of the Learn Typing typing course.
Left and Right Hand Shift Key
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