Advanced Typing Lesson 1

Mastering Common Letter Combinations
I'm a teacher/trainer, & one of the things I'm praised for is my knowledge on how best to teach/train people new skills. With my experience, I immediately recognized that each of the lessons focuses on building new skills not only through repetition, but through logical progressions. It's no wonder I have quickly regained my 65 wpm speed!
To get the most out of these touch typing exercises apply both of the following techniques.

  • Type each line without correcting errors then check for weaknesses.  Work on these. 
  • Correct your errors as you type using the Backspace key.  The goal = no backspace!

To repeat a line hold Backspace to delete from the end of the line to the start then retype. 
Or, if the cursor is in the text box, hold down CONTROL while pressing letter A, then start typing.

To really speed up your skills, choose one or two sentences each day to work on.

Become a mind reader and cruise through your typing.

Your body is amazing.  If you make it repeat patterns over and over again then you will find yourself doing those things with much less effort and thought and very little strain.  Typing is an example of how doing one thing (a typing exercise) over and over again will have your body aniticipating the next move.  It's almost like your body reads your mind. 

If you thought this was just another way of saying, repeat, repeat, repeat to get you to type better, you'd be right.  Lazy people look for shortcuts.  Others work hard now and relax later.  
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